We have the honor to introduce our company as under. The M/s Saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt) Ltd have been elevated, appreciated and awarded so many certificate and shields by the Ministry Hajj Affairs, kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

Our saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt)Ltd is a well known, having a good reputation throughout the world. The Hujjaj Karaam and Umrah Zaireen from all over the world have performed Hajj and Umrah under the banner of Saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt)Ltd.

Our saudipak Hajj & Umrah services (Pvt)Ltd has the honor to hire the buildings nearest to both the hermain Sahrifain ranging between 600 meters to 800 Meters from the two holy Mosques.

Our saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (PVT)Ltd providing complimentary food to hujjaj in Makkah (Azziziya), Minna, Arfat and also Ahram and Abaya to the pilgrims free of cost with many gifts.

Our Saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt)Ltd also providing the necessary assistance to the tourists i.e national and international Ticketing, Visa Processing, guidance throughout the world and also ranging , Hotels, Motels, Buildings for the tourists.

Our Saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt)Ltd feels great honor that their staff members are well trained and well acquainted with the Travel industry…..

Our Company M/s Saudipak Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt)Ltd has very strong and stable financial background.


  • We are international air ticketing agent (IATA) Approved vide deceleration 27-3 18141.
  • We also having DTS license No LHR / 4945.
  • We are member of Multan Chamber of Commerce membership  number A-288.
  • We are working as a (Pvt)Ltd company  registered form SECP registration No. 1570 / 20050705 .
  • The Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan has registered us as a private Hajj group Organizer vide HP.No.3180
  • The Mosasa south Asia has also registered us and issuing continuously Munazzam card No.3182 since 2004.

If you need further information about our company we will glade to give full details. Please feel free to contact us. We are ready to provide all the information relating to travel industry and Hajj and Umrah.